Flower Chen

I started my yoga journey in 2006 and qualified as a teacher in 2008, specializing in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Method. Gratitude to Mark Darby, Joanne Darby and Shankara Darby for their generous teachings.  In February 2020 I completed the Vinyasa Krama Yoga advanced teacher training in Chennai, India with Srivatsa Ramaswami, who is long time a direct student of the legendary T. Krishnamacharya.


Since I started teaching, I have gained a deep understanding of how different bodies need different guidance. In response, I have developed a keen sensitivity to adapt and tailor the practice to the person. I believe all our knowledge is derived from our own experiences and teaching yoga has truly become a lifestyle for me. I realise that the vitality of teaching continues to evolve day by day as it permits progress.  


I have no doubt that yoga will guide your life in a positive direction. Through it, you will discover the more gentle and tender-hearted aspects of your personality. Most importantly, your yoga journey will prioritise your health and happiness, all while giving you the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate. A healthy mind and body are the first points of call towards calm and stability.


In my classes, I value the essentials of the yoga technique. Together, I look forward to diving into a deep understanding of the fundamentals to increase our energetic vitality!

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