Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I practice, and what is unique about Ashtanga Yoga?

It is a fixed sequence of postures you learn by heart which allows you to build a personal practice you can then do anywhere. As the teachers are taking the time to teach each student individually, you are assisted you as and when you need it.

This unique self-practice style is called Mysore

  • What is meant by a traditionally counted primary class or sometimes called a Led class?

The teacher will guide you through the postures of the primary series using the traditional Sanskrit counting system.

  • What about practice for women during their period?

We suggest you take rest from practice the first 3 days of your period.

  • What about during pregnancy?

It is not a practice to begin during your pregnancy. If you already have an established practice you may continue although, we advise you don’t practice during the first trimester, your teacher will give you the appropriate modifications.

  • Do I need to be flexible to do Ashtanga Yoga?

No you are really lucky as you will experience the full transformative process of yoga

  • Do I need to arrive at 6.30 am sharp?

No you can arrive any time between 6.30 and 7.30 am. If you have early morning comittments and still wish to practice, but need to leave at a specific time, please advise the teachers how long you have, and we will advise how to modify the postures accordingly.

  • I am a senior citizen can I practice Ashtanga yoga?

Of course, according to Pattabi Jois (the Guru of Ashtanga yoga) only lazy people cannot practice

  • How many times a week do I need to practice?

We advise you with start with 2/3 times per week minimum to experience the maximum benefits of the practice

  • Why is Ashtanga practiced early in the morning?

The early practice leaves you available for a full day of personal or professional commitments with increased energy, clarity and calm. For those of you not used to getting up early give it try you might surprise yourself, it is something to be experienced.

  • I heard Ashtanga is a dynamic and difficult style of yoga?

On the contrary the Mysore self-practice class allows everyone to follow their own rhythm and advance at their own pace.

  • Why do have to repeat the same sequence of postures?

This practice keeps you honest and humble. The sequence is fixed but how we approach it each day is different because it is a transformative practice.

  • Will I sweat?

It is good to sweat, it is part of the purification and removal of toxins from the body.

  • I am a religious person, will yoga interfere with my beliefs?

Yoga will not interfere with you beliefs and can be practiced by everyone.

  • After my class today I felt very emotional is that normal?

The practice can release and unblock emotions stored in the body and mind, it is a healthy part of the process.